sábado, 22 de abril de 2017


From the 24th to the 29th of April, we will host our partners in our city.  From last October 2016, when we came from the first international meeting in Caserta ( Italy) , we have been working  in the organization of this meeting, thrilled with the idea of being able to cope with all the programming management: tasks, details, responsabilities. It has been hard work since then but we have enjoyed every moment of the process:  informing our High School colleagues , designing the quesionnaires to find out the perfect matching for all the Erasmus students participating in the project, booking hotels,holding  several meeting with all the people involved in this adventure: management board, colleagues, families, local institutions and experts in migratory and social integration issues.

During this week, we want  to share with you experiences where the idea of a peaceful coexistence  of different religions, languages and cultures is always present.

You will fully understand the concept of interculturality tasting our recipes, listening to different music styles ,visiting beautiful Temples or walking aroung our Four-cultures city.

And you will share our motivation to give voice and visibility to these marginalized social groups which need us so much through different projects where  Art is so important to promote their inclusion as  European citizens.

This is week is very significant for us for several reasons: firstly, we want to give our students a wide, enriching and meaningful linguistic and vital experience in Europe, secondly, this Erasmus+ programme fits perfectly with our High School objetive to internalionalize our center and educative methods and lastly, these kind of experiences are a powerful tool to improve teachers´ linguistic skills and are the best way to go on strengthening and learning new educative approaches and making possible future working and personal projects.


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