Diaries from Wales

Monday 8th October

First day in Wales :D! Today we have gone from Llanelli ( the zone where we stayed) to Whitland, ( another Welsh town) and visited the Dryffryn Taf School. When we arrived there the head teacher alongside with another teacher received us and started a little performance. Suddenly, a choir a appeared and started to sing various songs, which were incredible. After that the locals taught us to play rugby and it was amazing, I really enjoyed it. Then we had lunch and after that we did a very interesting presentation about social issues (like our VIDEO). When we finished that, we left Whitland and went to Carmarthen, where we bought a lot of things, a really beautiful city. Finally we had dinner in a place called Toby Carvery, and I ate a really big dish with a lot of food. It was such an amazing day!

Tuesday 9th of October

First, we went to the ysgol strade to start like every day with our established activities. As every day that kind of activities starts at half past nine in the morning.

One of the first activities was the art class where we could feel like real artists, in that activity, we had to make a painting following the teacher's instructions, for that we had to use different materials as paint, pencils…A class where we could enjoy a good time together and take as a gift the picture we made.

After finishing the class, we could enjoy some free time to visit the school and practice the famous sport of the area, rugby, a new sport for all of us.

In the schoolyard, they gave us little less

ons on how we had to play rugby, and then we split into two teams and started the game,

We were playing about half an hour, forty minutes approximately, after that time we had about ten minutes to change and continue with our activities.

Minutes later, we found ourselves eating in the dining room, the lunch hour used to be about one quarter to one, to eat we could choose between different types of food, which allowed us to try something new every day.

To end the day, after lunch, we went to the bowling, we went walking and seeing the area from the school to the bowling alley, in which we not only played bowling, we could be playing different games such as the hockey table or pool or even a car simulator.

When we arrive at the bowling alley we split up into different teams, each team into a different track, so we can all play together, when we got tired of playing bowling, we started to try the different games that place offered us. A curious fact is that we learned to play pool as they do, a different way than we have, but just as entertaining and fun.

And finally around seven in the afternoon we went to our house with our mate to have dinner with our families.

Wednesday 10th October

Today we have gone to St David, a little village which is two hours away by bus. We have visited the cathedral with the Venerable Dorrien Davies Archdeacon of Camarthen where we learned so much things about it.
Then we went to Porthgain to do coasteering, we saw seels while doing it, and we spent a great time jumping off to the sea and enjoying the views of the cliffs.
After that we come back to St David where the teachers were waitting for us to have dinner all together in a fish and chips` restaurant.
To end the day, we took the bus back home, It was a very exciting day with lots of fun and very beautiful places to see.

Thursday 11th October

We started by going over Strade. We had been having some pretty nice weather since we arrived but today we faced the full might of the british weather. After being received at Strade and a small talk, we were able to put our signatures into a book in which we agreed to compromise for peace in the world. (Picture1)

We followed with some castle tourism which would have been fairly interesting if it wasn't for the fact that it was raining.(Picture 2) After that bittersweet visit we went to Troste Retail Park where we did some good old shopping. Also the weather started to get better.

We returned to Strade and we had some Cawl which I liked very much and we also had a small concert with students from Strade. Although the absolute highlight of the day was watching Wales vs Spain in full welsh territory.

Friday 12th October

Last Day in Wales D:! Today we went to Ysgol Stade ( a high school in Llanelli) and we were really sad because it was our last day. Firstly, a member of the parliament gave us a talk about sexism in sport and westminster, she said that we had the power to change the world, a really motivational speech. After that we did an amazing radio programme in where we introduced ourselves, our country and shared some typical songs of our area, it was really a new experience and I'm glad with the results! After that, we were talking with other students from the centre and sharing ideas and opinions about various topics. Finally we went to the Farewell dinner, in the minigolf club, it was an amazing experience, there, they played the radio programme we did before and after this they put a lot of music, we were dancing a few minutes and the time of the farewell came. The teachers gave us a certificate showing that we've been in such an amazing place which Wales is. I really enjoyed this week, an amazing experience I hope to repeat, and you guys, who knows, maybe we see each other again! 

Here's the link for the radio programme students from all eight partner schools in six different countries made! 

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