Erasmus experiences in WALES

To start talking about the trip to Wales, I have to explain the emotion I felt before arriving, because I knew that on that trip I would meet lovely people and live unforgettable experiences and I have to explain too the emotion I felt when I went back to Melilla and remember that I had to say goodbye to all the new people I met, but for me it is not a goodbye, it is a see you later.

We have done a lot of different activities, but the best from my point of view was the coastering, it was a new experience, something I never thought I could do but that ends up becoming a moment that I would repeat again and again. Another thing that surprised me a lot about Welsh was their food, you found a lot of things that in Spain you can’t find, I remember that one night we ate a typical Welsh soup, which was eaten in a specific way that was very good.

Another very good point of Wales is its people; my family during that week breaks all the sayings that English people have another type of more serious behavior; they welcomed me as if I was one of the family from the first day, but not only they welcomed me from the first day, they all did it, showing me different landscapes which I loved because those landscapes are very different from the ones we have here in Spain. Many things are very different from the ones we have in Melilla, for example the schools, every time they finish a class the students move to another class, not the teachers, something that was new for me.

In conclusion, for me this trip has been one of the best experiences I have had for now and I would go to Wales again and again because it is a beautiful place with beautiful people.

My experience in Wales was amazing! Apart of learning lots of English I have learned so many thing about the differet way of life there. The first thig that is so differet from Spain is the weather, we were so lucky and we have some sunny days, but it is not normal in autumn there, and the temperatures were much lower than they are in Melilla. I have met lots of great people and I can´t wait to see them again. I was so surprised of the distances between diferent places, bucause we are not use to distant sites, and I think we spent too much time in the bus evey day. All the families were so kind with us, so I really recommend this experience and type of traveling to everyone, it is something that you have to do unless once in your life!


Ahh, the following day was the farewell, we were too sad, as sad as none of us wanted to take the first step into the bus, however before that happened I took some photos with my mate and his family, just to remind of what I lived there and the marvellous people I met. 


What can I say about this trip, it has surpassed every expectation I had about it. During this week I've met so many new great people and reunited with others. I've learned so much about Wales and it's history, with some fun experiences that I had never done before, like coasteering.

There is really nothing else I could have asked for. Though it is a shame that the weather got pretty bad in the last days, but I think it adds to the whole experience. I am so glad that this was my first impression of Wales and the UK in general.

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