martes, 19 de diciembre de 2017

Merry Christmas and happy winter holidays

Year 2017 is coming to an end and with it, we have been enjoying our adventure Erasmus 14 months. Months full of emotions, remembrances, effort, hard work, journeys and so many wonderful people warmly installed in our lives forever. The summary of this year is highly positive: we have travelled together, teachers and students, and we have got to know one another much better, we have improved our English and this experience has helped us to know more about our neighbour country: Portugal. We have learnt how to travel, how not to get lost, how to help one another, what it feels like when you are away from home, when you feel lonely and how to behave in all kind of situations. Our experience has been meaningful and enriching because we have got over our prejudices and complexes, because we have tasted wonderful food and seen breath-taking landscapes, because we have learnt another languages and heard unforgettable sounds and music. And above all, this year has been intense and rich because we have become stronger, wiser and more experienced, because we have felt part of a warm, friendly , open-minded and welcoming humanity.

Happy Christmas and looking forward to our next Erasmus year 2018