domingo, 24 de septiembre de 2017


Next Saturday 8th of October, a group of 6 Erasmus students : Armando Aibar, Claudia Liñán, Laura Peláez, Liliem Mohammed, Fahd Hamed, Mónica Barceló and 2 teachers: Tatiana Benet and Ana Carmona, will be heading for Braga ( Portugal) till the 14th of October.
This is our first learning/ teaching/ forming activity for us  and we are really excited about it.
During this week we have accomplished 3 tasks: we have made a video for the European day of Languages, we have interviwed a deaf student and her teacher (since the main topic of this visit is integration of students with special abilities) and we have designed a power point presentation about how these students receive support classes in our center. Likewise, we have recorded a video where we show the obstacles and disadvantages that people with physical disabilities or different abilities find in our city.
In our week in Braga, we will be hosted by Portuguese students ( some of them we ourselves hosted in Melilla last April ) and we will enjoy a wide variety of activities: sports, presentations, debates, IT workshops , activities together with SSN ( students with special needs ) and we will have the opportunity to show our in-between visits assignments.
Besides , we will be able to visit the magical city of Porto, Guimaraes and Braga.
We will tell you our experiences just after coming please, keep in touch and see you very soon in this blog.