Erasmus experiences in MELILLA

PABLO GALLARDO: “This week has been an amazing experience that I would recommend to everyone. We met lot of different people and their cultures and it has been a really beautiful week that everyone should experiment”

PAULA BASSETS: ”This week had been a unforgottable week, I really liked all the time that I spent with all of you, and I would like that I had more time to know more each other and other cultures and traditions of others countries. I´m so excited about going to your countries to see some of you and be more time together. I really want to repeat this experience and to do more projects like this one. Im going to really miss you and I hope we can see each other one day again ”
Lorena, Milly, Eve, Relland and Adam

LORENA SALAS: “That week was full of emotions, meeting newand so nice people was the best of everything. Our outings, games, our laughter, I would repeat everything. We all learned a lot of things  with this project. Although the worst of it was the
farewell, it was hard to have to see the new friends off and I  know that we will miss them. But dont worry because I know we will see them soon”.

MÓNICA: “This week I've met a lot of people from different countries. My mate was Natalie from Portugal, and we had a great time together!!  All of them are really nice and funny people and I really loved to share this fantastic experience with them. I miss them so much!!!!!”

ARMANDO: “It has been an incredible experience, everything has gone perfect, making friends from the rest of the world is very nice, I would repeat a thousand times more!”.

ANTONIO: “This photo with my mate Elias means a lot for me, not only because the
experience we lived also those evenings with the other guys were amazing too! I hope they think the same than me because things like this don't always happen and you have to enjoy it to the last moment and maybe one day you will remember that moment with melancholy and with happiness. Thanks for all.”

CLAUDIA: ”This experience has been unique to me. I have met exceptional people who have made of this project one of the best things that has happened to me in my life. I have learned about a lot of different cultures and traditions, and that has made me think a lot about my owns. Honestly, I can only complain about one thing, and it’s that wish that they had stayed longer, a week
seems to me little (I do not know if it is really little or that the time I had gone flying). Before Lara arrived, I thought it would be uncomfortable for me to have a stranger in my house despite having been talking to her since they gave me their number a few months ago, but the reality was not quite like this. I must admit that the first night was not at all amazing, but I cannot complain about it, I guess it was the nerves of the first day. With the passage of the days, I noticed that each time we took more confidence and that I love. Nothing and nobody can make me forget of all those afternoons that I spent with all the boys and girls of Erasmus. Finally, I would like to thank those responsible for the project for allowing me to participate”.

RAFA RONDA: “It was an incredible experience and I wish that we can meet again
in the future maeby in finland the next time. It was a short but incredible time, that i spend with you, I am so glad to have host you”.

ANA MÓNICA: It has been an incredible week. Alexandra and me have shared a lot of magics moments together in Melilla. I would like to see you soon “.

RAFAEL ACEÑA: I have no words for how amazing that week was, meeting people from different cultures and countries and learning from them, everyone had a great time and it was a phenomenal experience to have”.

LAURA: ”This week have been one of my best experiences in my short life. I've never thought that a completely unknown person could become an excepcional and forever friend. We all should meet new people, don't be afraid of new things and people, because we can learn as much of them as they offer us. We have learnt new music, new languages, new customs, new prospects of seeing the life. And this is amazing. In fact...when awesome people come to your life, you just have to say thanks!”

LILIEM: “It has been a wonderful experience. You have to live it to know how wonderful it is to meet people from all over the world. We have learned things from all cultures. The best thing of all has been to have known in depth not only my mate, but the rest. I would have liked more to participate in activities with them, such as sailing and so on. Even so, we have spent an incredible week, one of the best in my life. I want to repeat this experience very soon”.

FAHD: “ My experience in the Erasmus project is incredible and I want to do this project again. I miss this experience because all people are very nice”.

BELÉN BUSTILLO: “First of all, I'd like to apologize cause I know that the true objective of this project is that we all learn about other cultures and about being respectful with people from diffe
rent countries, and that's really good, but what I think we all have really get from these week, it's a true friend, not only one but many of them. It sounds like a topic and a cliché, but I won't remember this project, when I get older, as the experience what made me more polite or concerned about racism, sexism, homophobia... I'll smile looking back on this project what helped me to meet amazing and incredible friends. And I'd like to thank you all in advance. Right now, I wouldn't know if there has been a bad time. And if there was, it was definitely worth it. The best week ever. I miss these guys a lot, and I do not see the time to meet again. One day, I read a poem that said that airports were the worst and the best place in the world, I had never believed it, until I had to say goodbye to my new friends”.

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