viernes, 17 de mayo de 2019

Coming back from Finland

Our last Erasmus formative activity is over..our last European journey..our last contact with our 3-year-old friends..and now , back in Melilla, we all have this feeling that our Erasmus adventure is quickly coming to and end.  During this journey to Finland, we have deeply understood and assimilated our Far Northern European friends´culture and way of life. We have experienced extreme weather, freezing cold, wind, white landscapes, , beautiful animals, excellent gastronomy, mesmerizing traditions and we have been drawn into their joy of life, their curiosity, thirst for adventure and explorations, hunger for human warmth, Northern lights , their proud history , their stubborn defense of wilderness, human rights and sustainable development. We have taken part and lived many Finnish traditions this week: ice-swimming,graduation balls and parades, Santa Lucia´s singing, peace wishing to Santa; we have eaten liquorice and mämmi , we have sung in the karaoke and walked into their school in our socks. We have felt free to watch, sing, dance, ask, share and feel.

This 3-year adventure is over:  3 years full of emotion, incredible journeys, different landscapes, food, weather, houses, clothes, races, coluours, waters, voices , hearts
We leave friends forever; friends who will meet again ( in fact, we have met some of them out from the Erasmus journeys); and there will be more contacts, more collaborations, deeper bonds, deeper affections. Everything began with a promise to work together between two teachers enjoying a Comenius summer course in Malta 15 years ago!  The promise became a reality and from this cooperation, a new Erasmus programme will be born we are a powerful European family ready to change people´s minds and lives again.

martes, 29 de enero de 2019


From the 8th to the 17th of February we will be celebrating our last formative Erasmus experience which will be held in Oulu (Finland). This time we are 4 students: Belén Bustillo, Rocío Ríos, Pablo Gallardo and Rafael Ronda. And 3 teachers: Pedro García, Ana García and Ana Carmona. We are going to experience extreme weather conditions (the forecast predicts temperaturas as low as -20 C) and visit and see places never imagined such as a Snow Castle!
The programme is fun and varied: from cooking workshops , ice-swimming and outdoor activities with reindeer, quads, sledges to debates, presentations, traditional dancing and project meetings. We have prepared a video where we present different local projects against inequality and machismo and we have big suprises to perform in the Erasmus farewell party.
This will be our last transntional visit so we are going to make the most of this journey to the Far North full of legends, snow, cold and hopefully , Nothern Lights!!
The pics will be fabulous so follow us in this blog! Keep in touch!

martes, 18 de diciembre de 2018


These are the 3 wishes on Equality we have made to Santa from our High School


In order to make our world a better place, we would like to send our best wishes for all the ones that are stugling with something. But specially we have three petitions for this Christmas and this New Year:

For our city, Melilla, we would appreciate a lot if there could be a solution for all the inmigrants problem. We believe that If we help people in need, then they wont have the necessity of leaving their country to improve their life quality.

For all Spain, where the numer of deads by gender violence is around 40 since this last january, we would like that people finally understood women and men as equals so everyone would have the same opportunities, would earn the same for the same job, no woman would have to fear at night and no child would lose a mother.

Four Europeans, we wish that all the homophobia and the transphobia were wone and that everyone understood and accepted that there is not just one way of living, that everyone is different and still precious in their own way and that someone´s worth isnt related to their sexual orientation.

Of course we know that the humanity has a lot more issues that need to be solved, but those three are the ones that we consider more important and more urgent. But the thing is that no matter where you come from, what your gender is or who do you feel attracted by, everyone should be accepted, and thats something that no all the people have realized yet.

Belén Bustillo, Pablo Gallardo, Rafa Ronda, Rocío Ríos

lunes, 22 de octubre de 2018


In October 2018 we had our Erasmus+ meeting in Wales. We have two different partner schools from Wales: Ysgol Dyffrun Taf and Ysgol y Strade. The schools are about 40 kilometers away from each other. The students were staying in host families in these two cities and the teachers were staying in the city of Carmarthen that is located in the middle. The participating students from our school were Paula, Lorena, Antonio and Rafa from 2nd year of Bachillerato  and teachers Marta Fernández and Ana Carmona.

We started our trip early on Saturday morning and landed in Málaga. We had to wait in Málaga for a time until our flight to Bristol. When we arrived in Bristol,it was freezing cold. Then, a bus took us to the meeting point where the Welsh families would be picking up our students.

We spent the first two days at Dyffrun Taf School. First in the program we had the videos that every team had made about the equality issues in their cities or countries. We also heard songs performed by a talented choir and lectures for example about Growth Mindset and a speech by Keith Towler, Chair of United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child for Wales. Furthermore, the students had an art workshop where they created their own souvenirs and after that we visited the County Hall of Carmarthen together. A journalist from a local newspaper even wrote an article about our visit.

miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2018


From the 8th to the 14th of October, a group of 4 students ( Paula Martín, Lorena Salas, Antonio Expósito y Rafael Aceña) and two teachers ( Marta Fernández and Ana Carmona) will be travelling to Wales to participate in the second formative activity programmed in our project. This time we will be visiting Carmarthen and Llanelli region, a beautiful green Welsh rural area next to the jagged coastline. Among the educative activities, we will  learn Welsh and folk dancing, we will listen topopular Welsh singing, visit St. David´s cathederal in Camarthen, walk around Swansea and Bristol and get to know deeper their culture, educative system , way of living and thinking and traditions ( singing, dancing rugby and gastronomy).

Students will stay with their host families with whom they have already started to communicate. We are sure this journey will be an enriching experience for the 6 of us and will make us improve our skills in English and widen our knowledg about this country´s culture  and incredibly varied , wild and well-kept Nature.

miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

Trip to reunion

In a new page Erasmus experiences in RÉUNION, we are telling you all our adventures and experiencies in The Réunion Island ; we have added breathtaking and astonishing pictures so take your time and enjoy your way through this jungle of emotions..

domingo, 8 de abril de 2018



To answer the QUIZ about Reunión, please download and fill in the following file. Then send us the solutions to this mail:

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