Erasmus experiences in BRAGA


My best experience in Braga was the day where we went to the bowling alley top lay a few games because I have never played bowling: we went there with two Portuguese friends , another Finnish mate and my friend Laura. It was amazing and I had a lot of fun! I wish I could repeat the experience soon.


The trip has been incredible, I had a great time I have met many people that I have taken a lot of affection. The trip has been interesting enough, we have seen many things, between them what  I liked most  was Gnration, although sometimes some excursions became a bit tiresome. My mate and his family behaved themselves brilliantly I don't have words for them. In conclusion, the people from Portugal are spectacular, I had an unforgettable experience  that I would repeat without a doubt. 


In general this experience has been amazing and really sucessful. I remember the first contact with my unforggetabe "Portuguese family" like if it was yesterday.  My mate (Hali) had come to Melilla on April, so when I met her family we already knowed each-other. But she welcomed a Finnish girl also, called Noora. Althought I didn´t know her, we three became friends right away. Time has passed too fast there.
We used to wake up every morning at 6.30 am to be at school in hour (8.20 am).
At nights, all were laughs; it´s true that we were doing a lots of interesting acitivies and visits at mornings; but when we came home after all the long day (and it was supposed to sleep) we couldn´t. Hali´s mother used to prepare tea for us and that part of the day was the best for me: we shared funny conversations, interesting things about our countries... and it was amazing.
Truthly, I will never forget the Bubble Tea shop: it sells like starbucks coffes or teas, but in "Portuguese version" we used to say. It had different types of could tea with small bubbles made by jelly inside them. Weird but so good!
There are several more things that no one could forget, like that night when Hali´s family brought us to Bom Jesus. We saw all the night´s lights in Braga: it was a really beautiful view. We were trying to catch the moment with our cameras but it was impossible to catch what we could see.
Well, I didn´t just meet Noora. I met more people as I couldn´t have met in one year here, in Melilla. And for me, it was so nice to have a lot of names to remember: Siina, Antonio, Aapo, Maria Joao, Kenny, Laura, Emma, Caroline, Beatriz, Sabine... (It would be impossible to write all the names). Moreover, I learnt some vocabulary from Finish people: Haiti-Mum, Isca-Dad, Mina rakansta sinoa-I love you...
In fact, like I said in the first meeting in Melilla: when awesome people come to your life, you just have to say thanks!


It has been an incredibly wonderful experience. You have to live it to know what it is to meet so many good people from all over the world. And it's not just about meeting people, but participating in activities with children with Down syndrome, etc. The best thing has been that we have not made friendships only with the people who have participated in the Erasmus, but with the rest of the students of the Portuguese High School. The people have been super nice to us, and they have received us very well. The week has become very short, but it has really been unforgettable.


I am very happy because I had lived an awesome experience accompanied by incredible people, I have a lot of new friends from different parts of the world and I hope to meet them someday again.
The moments that I liked the most during the trip were definitely the picnics, because they gave us the opportunity to know each other better, learn new things about other countries and share lots of laughs.
The moments that I liked the least were the talks organized because some could become very boring and we ended up all very tired.
But I really enjoy this experience and I am so grateful to my mate, Francisca, who was really nice with me, and to her family which treated me like a member of their family, I really miss them.


I would like to start saying that this trip was one of the best things that have happened to me. I have made a lot of new friends, I have learnt about new cultures and I have visited beautiful places.
What I liked the most was the confidence and friendship we had since the first day with the rest of the people. That really impressed me, because I thought it was going to take some more time, but hopefully it wasn´t like that. I loved the way we were walking through the streets speaking about us and making some jokes.
What I hated the most was waking up at 6:30 a.m. and being walking all the day, it tired me so much. The good part here is that I didn´t realize how tired I was until I lay on the bed.
These are mine impressions about the trip. If you want to go on an Erasmus trip and you are not sure, I recommend that you shouldn´t think it twice, because it is going to be one of the most incredible things you are going to do in your life.

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